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Hvar Beaches

Map of the best beaches on the island of Hvar

Map of the best beaches on the island of Hvar

Where to find the best beaches on the island of Hvar in Croatia – a handy map with references to numerous popular beaches and swimming spots on this popular Croatian island. We also added on the map a couple of popular beaches that are situated in the near vicinity as an inspiration for a day trip option if you are visiting the area. Click on the above map to enlarge the image, once enlarged, right-click and save. Keep it for your reference for next time when you visit Hvar island.

List of the best beaches

Hvar has numerous beaches along the whole coast, but this is the list of our favourite ones. The list may change in the future if we suddenly discover a new spot. Starting from the south-west and moving clockwise, here is a list of best beaches on the island:

  1. Palmizana @ Sveti Klement, Pakleni Islands
  2. Kordovan @ Jerolim, Pakleni Islands
  3. Pokonji Dol
  4. Mekicevica
  5. Milna
  6. Zarace
  7. Dubovica
  8. Piscena
  9. Lusisca
  10. Sveta Nedjelja
  11. Jagodna
  12. Zavala
  13. Gdinj beaches (several pebbly spots, dotted one next to the other)
  14. Perna
  15. Mlaska
  16. Grebicse
  17. Mina
  18. Maslinica, Vrboska
  19. Maslinica, Stari Grad (see how to get there from Hvar town)
  20. Porterusa @ Scedro island
  21. Zlatni Rat, Brac (just across the water)
  22. Proizd, Korcula (just across the water)
  23. Stiniva, Vis

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