Snorkeling in Croatia

I love snorkeling ever since I was a child growing up on the coast in Croatia. At the time, snorkelling was something that most of the local children were enjoying from a very early age. Later on, as a teenager, I had a summer job on a small schooner that was sailing up and down the Adriatic coast cruising with tourist around its islands and bays.

Snorkeling in Croatia

I spend several summers visiting most of the islands’ beaches and I snorkel around numerous beauty spots along the coast. As I grew up and become a mature person, I started to sail on my own and snorkel alone in numerous places. In fact, every time I have the opportunity, I stop and go for a short snorkeling break to relax in the water while observing the underwater world from the safe distance. It gives me great pleasure and keeps my mind focused and clear. (I always carry my basic snorkeling equipment with me)

Here below is what I know about snorkeling on the Croatian coast and I am now sharing that knowledge with you. The suitable locations are selected from south to north of the coast so it is easier to follow. On the bottom of this article, there is a map with all locations mapped. You can also use this map to follow locations. If you scroll to the end, you can see a video of me feeding fish while snorkeling.

Here are my best snorkeling spots in Croatia

1. Danče, Dubrovnik

If you are visiting Dubrovnik and would like to do some snorkeling, Danče is an attractive location conveniently situated in the very heart of the town. The tall and unusual cliffs border this lovely spot while nice colours of water and plenty of places to observe the underwater world offer a great experience (see video here). One of my favourite places to snorkel when visiting Dubrovnik. See more info here

Sveta Marija, Mljet

2. Sveta Marija, Mljet

Sveta Marija islet (above photo) is located in the lake of the Mljet National Park. Another great spot to snorkel in south Dalmatia. There is plenty of fish and other sea creatures here to observe as National Park as a protected area is abundant in natural life. To get here, take a ferry from Dubrovnik and then another small ferry boat to the islet. See more info about the area here

Mljet snorkeling spot -  It's me in Sveta Marija island @ Mljet national park
Above photo: It’s me in Sveta Marija island @ Mljet national park

3. Odisej Cave, Mljet Island

Odisej Cave is located on the southern coast of Mljet island, bit outside of National Park. This location is particularly good for advanced snorkeling as the water here is very deep and cliffs are dropping down to the bottom of the sea to the very deep point. It is also suitable for beginners as you don’t have to dive deep, just float on the surface and watch from the distance. You can snorkel into the cave where you see the sun rays penetrate deep into the water and cave creating a spectrum of lovely colours. The best way to get here, once you arrive on Mljet Island is to either rent a car or take a local taxi to a nearby spot. From there you have to walk from several minutes to reach the area. See video of the cave here

4. Raznjic, Korcula Island

If you are visiting Korcula island, this is one of the best locations for snorkeling in the area. Raznjic is the furthermost eastern tip of the island with deep cliffs and huge rocks dropping down to sea bottom from the very seashore. Plenty of small creatures to watch here. The place is unsheltered and exposed to all winds so make sure you check the weather forecast in advance. See details of this location here

5. Proizd, Korcula

Another great location to watch the underwaters is on Proizd, a little islet near Korcula island. The water here is not very deep but is very clear and visibility is good all year round. Some sudden strong currents can be annoying but for most of the time currents are not very strong so swimming and snorkeling are easy.

6. Skrivena Luka (Porto Rosso), Lastovo island

Skrivena is such an unusual place. Located on the southern shore of Lastovo island, this place is somehow remote and feels very isolated. It is part of Lastovo Nature Park where animals and plant are protected therefore underwaters here are truly untouched. This is one of the remotest places you can snorkel in Croatia and if you have the opportunity to visit Lastovo you will feel how much this island is truly untouched. For me, this is one of the perfect places to snorkel in the Adriatic.

7. Rasoha, Loviste, Peljesac

Rasoha is a small bay on the tip of Peljesac peninsula. A completely isolated place with nature that is just beautiful. Strong currents can be an issue here but if you keep near the shores you should be fine. Beware Bura wind here as this is an opened area, exposed to North and the wind, which can be nasty for swimming or snorkeling. Rasoha is not easily accessible but if you have an opportunity, this is a great place to spend several hours enjoying nature. It takes about half an hour to walk there from Lovisce village. The alternative in the vicinity is Krizica or Ceminova bays but these locations are not accessible by foot, you would need to have a boat to get there.

Hvar, Pakleni islands

8. Tarsce, Sveti Klement, Pakleni, Hvar Island

Tarsce, a small bay on Sveti Klement island in Pakleni archipelago, near Hvar island is one of my favourite in the archipelago. It is quiet, remote, and fairly hard to access, with no restaurants or beach bars, just perfect nature. The bay is opened to the south and exposed to south winds that can be pretty strong here. This snorkeling location has very calm weather and is suitable for an activity for most parts of the year. To get there, get to Hvar island (from Split) and take a taxi boat to Palmizana at Sveti Klemet island. From there walk to Tarsce. Make sure you wear walking shoes or trainers as the path has some quite rocky patches.

9. Stiniva, Vis Island

Stiniva has become very popular in the last several years. But still, if you are on Vis island, the waters here are unpolluted and this is still a good place for snorkeling. See my recent video and details about Stiniva bay and the beach

10. Blue cave, Modra Spilja, Bisevo island

This is one of the best locations to snorkel with subtle morning lights penetrating deep into the sea while changing the colors of the rocks and sea bottom and to the magic. A privilege to experience it – see more info on the Bisevo island page + map

11. Bobovisca, Brac Island

See how to get to Brac from Split

12. Krapanj Island

If you are snorkeling fun then you have to visit Krapanj and snorkel there. This is a small island where snorkeling is part of the local culture and economy. Most of its inhabitants still live of here and deep dive to collect sponges from the sea bottom.

13. Opat, Kornati Islands

14. Draga, Silba Island

Mir, Telascica, Dugi Otok

15. Mir, Telascica, Dugi Otok

16. Plieski, Losinj Island

17. Ambisi, Margarina, Susak Island

This snorkeling spot is located on the south-west side of the island. The whole area is abundant in the large rocks and cliffs with deep-sea bottom and deep caves and some unusual stretches of reefs. The water here is exceptionally clear and offers great pleasure to float and watch the underwater world.
To get there, take a fast ferry to Susak island and from Susak town just walk to the place. No public transport is available. More info is here

18. Gavranišće, Rab Island

Another lovely place to snorkel in the Nort part of the Adriatic. The waters here are really clean and the visibility is fantastic. The nearest place to Gavranisce is Kampor on Rab Island. From there you can either get to the spot by car, cycle or walk. The nearest parking place is about 100 meters away from the spot.

19. Kršine, Premantura

Great place to snorkel. Includes lovely seashore with cliffs and deep rocks where you can explore the underwater world. The easiest way to get there is to take a bus to from Pula Bus Station you must take a bus to Premantura and from there to Kršine peninsula on Cape Kamenjak take a taxi or private car. Lovely views of Porer lighthouse. Strong sea currents this cape can be dangerous so you have to make sure to look after yourself.

Brijuni islands

20.Vanga – Brijuni islands

Brijuni islands are Croatian National Park. The sea around here is clean and clear so snorkeling here is a great pleasure. The best way to visit the islands is to either take a water taxi from Fazana (a small village near Pula) or local ferry boat that runs from Fazana to Veli Brijun. The timetable is here. As you can see in the above photo, the waters here are very clear, visibility is good and the location is fairly sheltered so you can snorkel around here in most of the weather conditions.

Map of The Best Snorkeling Spots in Croatia

Bonus Spot:

Palagruža – if you are lucky and adventurous enough the ultimate spot to snorkel in Croatia is around this island. Remote, difficult and often dangerous to reach but if you can, this is the best you can get in the Adriatic! See all details here

How to feed the fish while snorkeling:

See the complete youtube playlist that I created on my channel about snorkeling in Croatia