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Getting from Zadar to Split

Getting from Zadar to Split and Split to Zadar involves just a couple of options – you can get there by bus, taxi, Uber or private transfer. There are no direct flights between Zadar and Split, no train connections nor direct ferry crossings.

Jadranska Magistrala Road with views

Zadar to Split by Bus

Travelling by bus is the cheapest option especially if you are travelling solo. Taxi, Uber or Private transfer are the fastest, most comfortable and most expensive options.

Zadar Airport to Zadar Bus Station

If you are arriving at Zadar airport and would like to go to Split, first – get a bus from the airport to Zadar city centre (distance of 11 km, about 15 minutes bus ride) where the main Zadar bus terminal is located. The bus ticket airport to the town centre one-way costs 25 HRK (3.5 Euro). See the current airport bus schedules here. The alternative is Uber or taxi which cost 60 HRK (8 Euro). Here is a screenshot:

Zadar airport to Zadar bus station Uber option
Click on the image to enlarge & check the Uber price estimate here

Zadar bus terminal to Split

Buses from Zadar to Split main bus station are pretty frequent. Currently, there is at least 30 bus rides a day which is more than once an hour. Check the bus schedule here: http://ak.liburnija-zadar.hr/vozni_red/

A one-way bus ticket from Zadar to Split cost 98 Kuna (13 Euro) and you can book it in advance here. Note that an additional charge applies for each bag stored in bus storage which is about 2 euros per bag. Here is a sample of bus travel options:

Zadar to Split bus travel options

Important: Two Bus Routes

  • The Short Route: The first route is the motorway fast route via E65 and E71 roads which takes about 2h 35 minutes
  • The Long Route: The second is the coastal route (Jadranska Magistrala) following narrow roads along the coast. It is a slow route, the bus is stopping in almost every village along the way. It can take you up to 3.5 hours to reach Split.

When booking online make sure you check the travelling time info to avoid booking your bus that goes on the long route. However, if you prefer the longer and much scenic route, make sure you choose the bus ride with a travelling time of at least 3.5 hours.

Driving from Zadar to Split

With the shortest and the fastest driving route, you can reach Split from Zadar in 1 hour and 45 minutes. The driving distance is 158 km ( 98,1 miles ) via E65 and E71 roads.

The alternative is the longer route via Jadranska Magistrala, narrow roads along the coast that is much slower, but much more scenic and can take up to 4 hours.

If you are not in a hurry, I suggest you take a scenic coastal drive and enjoy the views of bays, coves and islands of Zadar and Sibenik archipelago as well as some fine views over Vransko Lake.

Driving tip: If you are driving from Split to Zadar in the warmer parts of the year, choose the morning drive instead of the afternoon one. You will avoid sunshine from getting straight into your eyes. For Zadar to Split drive, if you can, choose the afternoon when the sun is already gone to the south-west while you are heading in the opposite direction, towards the south-east.

GPS Locations of bus terminals

  • Zadar bus terminal (Autobusni kolodvor Zadar) GPS: 44°06’23.2″N 15°14’29.6″E; 44.106456, 15.241547
  • Split bus terminal (Autobusni kolodvor Split) GPS: 43°30’14.7″N 16°26’34.5″E; 43.504092, 16.442906

Private Transfer, Taxi or Uber

Taxi or Uber ride between Zadar and Split will take you to your destination in about 1 hour and 45 minutes. The current price quoted by Uber is 1276 HRK (170 Euro). This is a good option if 3 or more people travel together, but for a single traveller, the cheapest option is a bus.

Private transfers between Split and Zadar are available from both airports – from/to Zemunik, the Zadar’s and from/to Resnik, the Split airport. Check current offers to start from Zadar here and from Split here.

By Plane

You can indeed fly between two cities but not on a direct flight as there are no direct flights between these two cities. The stopover is at Zagreb airport (see Zagreb to Split options). The schedules are not particularly well adjusted but at the time of writing this article, the flight schedule is a departure from Split at 19:50 arriving in Zadar at 21:55 with changing your plane in Zagreb. For the Zadar to Split option, the departure time is early morning at 7:00. The total cost is 165 euros. Where to buy your flight tickets? Buy your tickets on croatiaairlines.com website.

By Ferry or Train

Currently, there is no ferry crossing or trains between Split and Zadar. There was some indication a couple of years ago that a fast catamaran ferry is about to be introduced, however, no news about that option yet. If you still prefer sea travel, you can always get a private boat with a skipper that takes you down the Croatian coast.

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