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Getting from Zadar to Hvar

Getting from Zadar to Hvar and Hvar Island to Zadar involves several options – you can get there by bus and ferry, taxi, Uber or private transfer. There are no direct flights between Zadar and Hvar, no train connections nor direct ferry crossings.

Zadar to Hvar by Bus and Ferry

Travelling by bus and ferry is the cheapest option especially if you are travelling solo as a foot passenger. Taxi, Uber or Private transfer are the fastest, most comfortable and most expensive options.

Step 1: Zadar Airport to Zadar Bus Station

If you are arriving at Zadar airport and would like to go to Hvar island, the first step is to get a bus from the airport to Zadar city centre (distance of 11 km, about 15 15-minute bus ride) where the main Zadar bus terminal is situated. The bus ticket airport to the town centre one-way costs 3.5 Euro (airport bus schedules here). The alternative is Uber or taxi which is 8 Euro.

Step 2: Zadar bus station to Split

Buses from Zadar to Split main bus station are pretty frequent. Currently, there are at least 30 bus rides a day which is more than once an hour (bus schedule). A one-way bus ticket from Zadar to Split costs 13 euros (book here). An additional charge applies for each bag stored (about 2 euros per bag).

Note: Choosing Bus Route

  • The Short Route: The first route is the motorway fast route via E65 and E71 roads which takes about 2h 35 minutes
  • The Long Route: The second is the coastal route (Jadranska Magistrala) following narrow roads along the coast. It is a slow route, the bus stops in almost every village along the way. It can take you up to 3.5 hours to reach Split.

When booking online make sure you check the travelling time info to avoid booking your bus that goes on the long route. However, if you prefer the longer and more scenic route, make sure you choose the bus ride with a travelling time of at least 3.5 hours.

Here are detailed options for travelling from Zadar to Split.

Step 3: Split bus terminal to ferry port and Hvar island

Once you arrive at Split’s main bus station you are just a few minutes easy walk from the main ferry terminal from where you get on ferry to Hvar island (see ferry map here). In case you need to go to Hvar town and board the ferry to Stari Grad, see options here for travel between these two places, and here for Jelsa and Vrboska. See all the details on how to get to Hvar Island from Split.

GPS Locations of relevant bus and ferry terminals

  • Zadar bus terminal (Autobusni kolodvor Zadar) GPS: 44°06’23.2″N 15°14’29.6″E
  • Split bus terminal (Autobusni kolodvor Split) GPS: 43°30’14.7″N 16°26’34.5″E
  • Split ferry terminal for the ferry to Hvar GPS: 43°30’17.9″N 16°26’31.3″E

Driving from Zadar to Hvar Island


Getting from Zadar to Hvar by car

With the shortest and fastest driving route, you can reach Hvar Island from Zadar in just over 3 hours (add at least an hour for ferry boarding). The driving distance is about 200 km (124 miles ) via E65 and E71 roads and boarding the car ferry. The alternative is the longer route via Jadranska Magistrala, narrow roads along the coast that are much slower, but much more scenic and can take up to 4.5 hours plus car ferry crossing (2 hrs). Check croatiaferries.com site for ferry details – look for the Split to Stari Grad (Hvar island) car ferry option.

Driving tip: For Zadar to Hvar drive, if you can, choose the afternoon when the sun has already gone to the southwest while you are heading in the opposite direction, towards the southeast. If you are driving from Hvar to Zadar in the warmer parts of the year, choose the morning drive instead of the afternoon one. You will avoid sunshine from getting straight into your eyes.

Private Transfer, Taxi or Uber

Taxi or Uber rides between Zadar and Hvar will take you to your destination in about 5 hours and 30 minutes. The current price quoted by Uber is 420 euros. This may be a good option if 3 or more people travel together, but for a single traveller, the cheapest option is a bus or taxi to Split, a ferry ride to Hvar and a local taxi from Hvar to your hotel. Private pre-booked transfers are also available.

By Plane or Train

Currently, there are no flights, direct ferry crossings or trains between Zadar and Hvar. However, if you still prefer sea travel, you can get a private boat with a skipper that takes you down the coast, but that will take a very long time (weather permitting).

Travel options Map

Here is a map with an indication of the main points and connections:

Directions Map


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