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Split to Hvar

Getting from Split to Hvar island involves at least 5 options – you can get there by passenger ferry, car ferry, bus & ferry, water taxi, or private transfer. The nearest distance between Split and Hvar island is just over 36 kilometers (22.5 nm). There are no flights between the two places and no train connections. Here are all details:

Sailing between Split and Hvar island – sunset views over the coastline
Above photo: Ferry crossing between Split and Hvar island – sunset views over the coastline

How to get from Split to Hvar?

If you are a foot passenger, there is a fast ferry catamaran that departs daily, all year round from Split ferry port to Hvar town and Jelsa on Hvar island. These are the only direct travel option, the most convenient and fastest way to reach Hvar from Split. If you are driving and plan to use a car ferry, there is also a daily car ferry to Stari Grad. The alternative is to drive along the coast and cross by car ferry from Drvenik to Sucuraj.

6 Ways to get from Split to Hvar

Transport optionDuration of travelCost (Ticket Price)
Foot Passenger Ferry (Catamaran)1 – 1.5 hrs8.5 to 17.5 Euro (per person)
Car Ferry (Direct)2 hrs43 Euro (for a car)
Driving via Sucuraj (Self Drive)2.5 hrs
Private Transfer (Taxi) or UBER2.5 hrs220 Euro (up to 4 persons)
Bus & Ferry (via Sucuraj)1.5 hrs + 35 min14 Euro (single tickets)
Water Taxi1 hr 20 minutes495 Euro (per vessel)
Boarding the catamaran at Split port
Above photo: Split ferry port – boarding the catamaran, a fast passenger ferry run by Krilo – Kapetan Luka, departing from Split to Hvar

Split to Hvar by Foot Passenger Ferry (Catamaran)

Here is a table that shows how long is the ferry ride and how much it costs to get from Split to Hvar:

Schedules, Tickets, Booking

Foot Passenger Ferry (Catamaran)Departures*Ticket PricesBooking & Tickets
from Split to Hvarseveral daily departures*37 EuroBook here
from Split to Jelsa1 daily afternoon departure*8.5 EuroBook here
from Split to Stari Grad3-6 daily departures7.5 EuroBook here

Departures*: High season: April to October – For detailed timetables check croatiaferries.com

Ferry companies that run passenger ferries from Split to Hvar are Krilo (Kapetan Luka), TP Line, and Jadrolinija. All ferries depart from the same ferry terminal in Split (photo above & the map below) and arrive in the Hvar Town, Jelsa, or Stari Grad port.

Important Note: 

In case of bad (windy) weather, the catamaran (fast passenger ferries) is not sailing. In such circumstances, you have to take the slow ferry to Stari Grad or travel along the coast by bus or private transfer to Drvenik and cross by car ferry to the island (more details below)

Fast Ferry Catamaran, interior & views, on the route from Split to Hvar island
Above photo: Fast Ferry Catamaran, interior & views, on the route from Split to Hvar island

Late ferry Split to Hvar

If you are arriving very late in Split, the latest ferry to reach Hvar island is at 20:30 except in July & August when the latest ferry leaves Split at 01:30. This is a car ferry to Stari Grad. If you miss the latest ferry, wait for another one in the early morning at 05:00.

Car Ferry from Split to Hvar

There is one car ferry connecting Split and Hvar Island – a car ferry to Stari Grad port. It departs 3 to 6 times a day (depending on the season). It takes about 2 hrs to arrive and the current cost for a small car is about 43 Euro. Book the car place in advance at the Jadrolinija site and check how to get to/ from Hvar Town.

Driving & Car Ferry to Sucuraj

If you decide to drive via Drvenik & Sucuraj, you have the following options (check the map below):

  • Step 1: Drive from Split to Drvenik
  • Step 2: Cross by car ferry from Drvenik to Sucuraj (Hvar island)
  • Step 3: Drive from Sucuraj to Hvar town

By this shortest and fastest driving route, you can reach Hvar island from Split in 2.5 hours. Traveling on this route your driving time will be:

Driving sectionDistanceDriving time
Split to Drvenik (via D8)90 km2 hours
Drvenik to Sucuraj (car ferry)7 km35 minutes
Sucuraj to Hvar Town75 km80 minutes

Important note: Bear in mind this is a first-come-first-serve service, so no advance booking for car places on this ferry. To secure your car place on the ferry, try to be in the port at least 90 minutes in advance. Book car ferry tickets at the ticket kiosk in the port or online at Jadrolinija.

Driving tip

In high season, driving along the coast on D8 road may take a bit longer than usual. If in hurry, choose E65 & D8 roads instead (motorway toll fees apply)

Car ferry in Split port, on route to Stari Grad, Hvar island
Above photo: Car ferry in Split port, on route to Stari Grad, Hvar island

Split to Hvar by Bus & Ferry

If you intend to travel by bus, you can get a bus to Drvenik several times per day. The bus departs from the Split bus station and drives to Drvenik ferry port, from where you will take a ferry to Sucuraj to cross to the island. Buses are fairly frequent in tourist season, while out of season, there are just a couple of buses per day (see photo below). It takes just under 2 hours to reach Drvenik. The current total cost is about 14 Euros one way (see below):

Ticket cost Split to Drvenik 10.5 Euro + ferry Drvenik to Sucuraj 3.5 euro = 14 EURO

Book bus ticket @ cazmatrans.hr

Split to Hvar by Bus

There is also twice a week bus that drives directly from Split to Jelsa and Stari grad. Here is the current timetable:

Split via SucurajJelsaMonday & Friday14:40
Split via SucurajStari GradMonday & Friday14:40
Booking: Cazmatrans.hr
Driving & Bus along Croatian coast
Above photo: Driving & Bus along the Croatian coast

By Taxi, Uber, or Private Car Transfer

taxi ride between Split and Hvar lasts about 2.5 hours including a ferry crossing from Drvenik to Hvar (Sucuraj). The current price quoted to me is 270 Euros. The quote from UBER is 216 Euros (see photo/map below). This can be a convenient travel option if 3 to 4 people travel together and share the costs of the taxi.

Uber quote for a ride
Above image: Uber quote for a ride to Hvar island

Water Taxi

How much is a water taxi from Split to Hvar? The cost is about 490 Euro. Private boat transfers by speedboat will take you from either Split Airport or Split port to the island in 1.5 hours max, weather permitting. This is the fastest option. However, the most reliable option, which operates in any weather is the slow car ferry to the island (from Split or from Drvenik).

Split Airport to Hvar

The easiest and fastest transfer from the airport to the island is by fast ferry, water taxi, or Uber (cost 240 Euro – photo below). Water taxis and ferries leave from a small harbor near the airport while Uber leaves in front of the airport’s main entrance.

Uber quote to the island
Above image: Uber quote for a ride from the Airport to the island

The alternative is to get to the main ferry port in the town and leave from there:

Split Airport to Split Ferry port & Bus Station

If you are arriving at the airport and would like to go to Split, first – get a bus from the airport to the city center (distance of 24 km, about 30 minutes bus ride) where the main bus terminal is located. The one-way bus ticket cost is 6 Euro. See the current airport bus schedules. The alternative is Uber or a taxi which cost 30 Euro. Here is a screenshot:

Uber quote to town
Above image: Uber quote for a ride from the Airport to the town

Map of all car ferries, roads, and fast catamaran ferry crossings

Ferry and road map Split - Hvar
(click to enlarge)

The above map shows Split to Hvar travel routes: 1. fast ferry Split to Hvar, 2. fast ferry Split airport to Hvar, 3. fast ferry Split to Jelsa, 4. car ferry Split to Stari grad,5. Car ferry Drvenik to Sucuraj . For a large map with all travel options check this map.

Map – location of all ports

In the above map, you can see the locations of all relevant ports and places. See also this ferry map

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