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Croatia Spots website explores the best and most interesting places to visit in Croatia. It is a travel-related collection of articles, photos, videos and maps about places that we recommend to consider as a part of your travel itinerary.

Sunset in Croatia
Sunset in Croatia

Whether you’re here to find some info for your visit to Dubrovnik and its islands or any of our lovely Croatian islands, trying to work out how to island-hop next summer, how to get to the country or how to get around, it’s all here:

Take a look at specific itineraries such as how to spend 3 to 5 days island hopping in Croatia or best beaches on Mljet, Lastovo, Stiniva bay on Vis island, Bisevo and Blue Cave, or how to visit the remotest islands of all – Palagruza.

Croatia Spots is currently written by three friends. We are writing this online travel guide in the way that we only write about places that we personally visited. All three of us are born and bred Croatians and we’ve been travelling around Croatia extensively. Although there are still some places in the country we have never been to, we are getting there…

Besides writing and taking photos and videos, we are also snorkelling and hiking enthusiasts. We own a small boat (see it here, while visiting Stiniva and Vis island) by which we also explore the coast, weather permitting.

The site is updated daily with all the latest information about travel and transport including ferries, trains and buses.

If you need assistance with organising a trip to Croatia, just email us and we’d be more than happy to help.

Latest Trips

  • Getting around Split

    The easiest way to get around Split is to use public transport or walk. Avoid using car as parking is pretty scarce particularly in the city centre. ...

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  • Split Bus Map

    This is a map of public buses in Split that covers all bus lines. To get from the ferry port, the main bus or train station to Split Airport and ...

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  • Split Bus Station

    The bus station in Split, Croatia, also known as Autobusni kolodvor Split is situated next to the main city’s train station, ...

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  • Split Train Station

    The train station in Split, also known as Željeznički kolodvor Split is part of Croatia rail network. It is situated next to the ...

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  • Getting to Split

    Getting to Split is easy – the city is one of the main transportation hubs in Croatia. You can get here by several transport options including ...

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  • Split Ferry Map

    Map of all car ferries and fast catamaran ferry crossings Map of all car ferries and fast catamaran ferry crossings to and from Split, Croatia The ...

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  • Getting from Zadar to Split

    Getting from Zadar to Split and Split to Zadar involves just a couple of options – you can get there by bus, taxi, Uber or private transfer. ...

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  • Pakleni Islands

    Pakleni Islands (Pakleni otoci), also known as Paklinski, is an archipelago of 18 islands and islets sprinkled right in front of the Hvar Town at the ...

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  • Hvar island

    The Croatian island of Hvar is by far the most popular island in the country. The island of sunshine, lavender and beautifully clean beaches is, ...

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  • Hvar Beaches

    Map of the best beaches on the island of Hvar Where to find the best beaches on the island of Hvar in Croatia – a handy map with references to ...

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  • Benedictine Monastery – Mljet

    The Benedictine Monastery complex also includes Church of St. Mary at St Marys Islet in Mljet National Park. It was built in the 12th century and ...

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  • Mljet Island

    Mljet island is one of the Croatian islands that is also a National Park. Historically considered as one of Dubrovnik’s islands ...

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  • Lopud Island Map

    Map of Lopud island walking/hiking trails, bays, beaches and swimming spots This Map of Lopud island, Elafiti archipelago ...

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  • Kolocep Island Map

    Map of Kolocep walking/hiking trails, bays, beaches and swimming spots This Map of Kolocep island, Elafiti archipelago near Dubrovnik shows details ...

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  • Koločep

    Kolocep Island, called by locals ‘Kalamota’ belongs to Elafiti Archipelago, the group of Dubrovnik’s islands. The nearest to ...

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  • Šipan Island Walks

    Walking Map of Šipan Island Walking/Hiking on Sipan This walking map of Šipan island shows several hiking trails as well as locations of some of ...

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  • Šipan Island

    Šipan is one of the Croatian islands in Elafiti archipelago group, also known as ‘Dubrovnik’s islands‘, situated just off ...

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  • Elafiti Islands

    Elafiti archipelago, (also known as Elphite or Elaphiti) is a group of 14 Croatian islands and islets dotted off the coast of Dubrovnik. The ...

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  • Lopud

    Lopud is one of the Croatian islands that belong to Elafiti archipelago, which is a group of islands just off the coast of Dubrovnik often called ...

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  • How to Spend 3 – 5 days Island Hopping in Croatia

    Discover the best mainland and island destinations to visit on this three to five-day trip around Dalmatia. With this itinerary, you will visit two ...

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  • Map of island hopping from Zadar, Croatia

    Island Hopping from Zadar

    Crystal clear waters, stunning scenery and endless coastlines – that is what you can expect from the Zadar archipelago. But where should you begin? ...

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  • Palagruža

    Palagruža islands are the remotest Croatian islands located in the central Adriatic. The islands are much closer to the Italian than the ...

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  • Island Hopping from Šibenik

    Want to experience the best of Šibenik’s islands? Then I reckon an island hopping trip from Šibenik is just the thing for you. Whether ...

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  • Stiniva bay, Vis

    Stiniva bay and beach on Vis Island is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque beaches on the Vis island and in Croatia. This tiny shingle beach, ...

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  • Map of Biševo Island

    Map of Biševo Island is a visitors map to the island. It shows all main geographical and topographical points of interest on the island including ...

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  • Biševo

    Biševo island is one of the remotest Croatian islands,  located about 4.5 nautical miles from Komiža, the town and the port on the ...

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  • Beaches on Mljet

    Along the Mljet‘s 135 km long coastline numerous coves, bays and stretches of coast form a variety of beaches and swimming spots. Inside the ...

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  • Beaches on Lastovo

    Located just 7 nautical miles south of Brna bay on Korcula island, Lastovo is one of the remotest and most unspoilt Croatian islands that is also a ...

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  • Map of Island Hopping from Pula to Zadar

    Island Hopping from Pula

    Pula is a fantastic place to organise an island hopping trip from. The airport is here, the main bus and ferry hub too. This is a great choice for ...

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  • Island Hopping from Split

    Island Hopping from Split is a very good choice. Split is a convenient transportation hub for the whole area (the airport is nearby, ferries are ...

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