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Brac to Hvar and Hvar to Brac

Getting from Brac to Hvar and Hvar to Brac involves at least 3 options – you can get there by fast ferry (catamaran), car ferry (indirect), or private transfer. The total distance between Brac and Hvar is just over 10 kilometers (about 6.7 nautical miles). There are no flights between the two islands, no train connections, and no direct car ferry crossings. Here are all the details:

Above photo: Ferry crossing between Brac Island and Hvar – views over the coastline

If you are a foot passenger

All year-round travel option (fast catamaran ferry)

  • Bol to Jelsa, daily mid-afternoon, 20 minutes crossing
  • Jelsa to Bol, daily, mid-morning, 20 minutes crossing

April to October travel option (fast catamaran ferry)

If you are traveling from April to October, take the direct fast ferry between Milna, Brac, and Hvar Town.

  • Milna to Hvar Town, daily early morning, 30 minutes crossing
  • Hvar Town to Milna, daily, early evening, 30-minute crossing

June to September travel option (fast catamaran ferry)

If you are traveling from June to September, take the direct fast ferry between Bol, Brac, and Hvar Town. See the map below.

  • Bol to Hvar, daily mid-afternoon, 50 minutes crossing
  • Hvar to Bol, daily, mid-morning, 50 minutes crossing
car ferry serving routes between Brac and Hvar via mainland

Above photo: Views over car ferry garage that sails between Brac and Hvar island via mainland

Driving from Brac to Hvar or Hvar to Brac

With the shortest and fastest driving route, you can reach Hvar from Brac in about 3 hours. The driving distance is 50 km, using two car ferries.

by Car (Car Ferry)

There are no direct car ferries between Brac and Hvar Island. The driving distance is about 50 km. If you are traveling by car here are the directions and daily travel options for all year round:

  1. Car Ferry from Sumartin (Brac) to Makarska (1 hour)
  2. Drive to Drvenik ferry terminal (29 km – about 35 minutes drive) to get on
  3. Car ferry from Drvenik to Sucuraj (Hvar Island) (35 minutes)

Book car ferry tickets at Jadrolinija. For all detailed ferry schedules check with croatiaferries.com

Map of all car ferries, roads, and fast catamaran ferry crossings

Map of all car ferries, roads, and fast catamaran ferry crossings between Hvar and Brac islands
Click on the map to enlarge it!

The above map shows all travel routes: 1. fast ferry between Milna and Hvar; 2. Bol and Hvar, 3. Bol and Jelsa as well as 4. Sumartin and Makarska and 5. Drvenik and Sucuraj car ferries. For a large map with all travel options see a detailed Google map. Also, check island hopping from Split (details).

Private Transfer, Taxi, or Uber

Brac to Hvar water taxi

Water taxis will get you from Brac Island to Hvar (check available offers). Taxis do operate on both islands, they will also get you to both car ferries. Uber is still not available on these islands.

Brac to Hvar day trip

The fastest option is by water taxi, which takes about 20 minutes (check the weather before committing). The most reliable option is to travel by large car ferries (Sumartin >Makarska > Drvenik > Sucuraj) as they operate in any weather.

Map – all relevant ferry ports

In the above map, you can see the locations of both islands and ferry ports you can use to travel between these two islands.

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