Brac to Hvar and Hvar to Brac

Getting from Brac to Hvar and Hvar to Brac involves at least 3 options – you can get there by fast ferry (catamaran), car ferry (indirect), or private transfer. The total distance between Brac and Hvar is just over 10 kilometers (about 6.7 nautical miles). There are no flights between the two islands, no train connections, and no direct … Read more Brac to Hvar and Hvar to Brac

Split to Brač

Getting from Split to Brač Island involves at least 6 options – you can get there by passenger ferry, car ferry, bus & ferry, water taxi, or private transfer. The nearest distance between Split and Brac island is just over 12 kilometers (7.5 nm). There are no flights between the two places and no train connections. Here are all the details: How to get from … Read more Split to Brač

Brač Island

The Croatian island of Brac is one of the most popular islands in the country. The island features beautifully clean beaches, the well-known Zlatni rat in Bol, one of the best-known beaches in Croatia. Brac is also the closest of all Croatia’s islands to the mainland, where olive oil production is a century-old industry while wine and … Read more Brač Island

Island Hopping from Split

Island Hopping from Split is a very good choice. Split is a convenient transportation hub for the whole area (the airport is nearby, ferries are there, buses too) so the town is a very good starting point for island-hop to all islands in the archipelago including Dubrovnik too.This article covers a selection of options for … Read more Island Hopping from Split

Zlatni Rat Beach

Zlatni Rat Beach, meaning Golden Cape or Golden Horn, is situated in the middle of the southern coast of Brac Island. It is indeed one of the most beautiful and most popular beaches in the country. Its unique and unusual triangle shape with a long pebbly tip that stretches out to the sea is a well-known iconic … Read more Zlatni Rat Beach

Croatian Islands

The Best Croatian Islands to Visit on your Croatia Trip White pebbly beaches and crystal clear turquoise water. Interesting harbours in ancient seaside villages. Medieval towns and sailing boats. Welcome to the Croatian Islands! No Croatia trip is complete with a few days of island hopping – but how do you choose the right island … Read more Croatian Islands