Brač Island

The Croatian island of Brac is one of the most popular islands in the country. The island features beautifully clean beaches, the well-known Zlatni rat in Bol, one of the best-known beaches in Croatia. Brac is also the closest of all Croatia’s islands to the mainland, where olive oil production is a century-old industry while wine and … Read more Brač Island

Island Hopping in Croatia

Island-hopping in Croatia is a very popular way of seeing the islands and coastal towns on this side of the beautiful Adriatic coastline. You can island hop from several main points on the mainland and create itineraries depending on the length of stay and your particular interest. Visiting the Croatian Adriatic’s islands is great for … Read more Island Hopping in Croatia

Mljet Island

Mljet island is one of the Croatian islands that is also a National Park. Historically considered as one of Dubrovnik’s islands (beside Elafiti Archipelago), Mljet is situated 14.5 nautical miles from Dubrovnik (about 27 kilometers). The island has just over a thousand permanent inhabitants. Conveniently connected by daily ferry boat lines with Dubrovnik and daily car ferry crossing to … Read more Mljet Island

Croatian Islands

The Best Croatian Islands to Visit on your Croatia Trip White pebbly beaches and crystal clear turquoise water. Interesting harbours in ancient seaside villages. Medieval towns and sailing boats. Welcome to the Croatian Islands! No Croatia trip is complete with a few days of island hopping – but how do you choose the right island … Read more Croatian Islands

Elafiti Islands

Elafiti archipelago, (also known as Elphite or Elaphiti) is a group of 14 Croatian islands and islets dotted off the coast of Dubrovnik. The archipelago is also called the ‘Dubrovnik’s islands‘ as historically, they all belonged to Ragusa, the Dubrovnik Republic. Just three of the larger islands are permanently inhabited: Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep. Well … Read more Elafiti Islands

Island Hopping from Zadar

Map of island hopping from Zadar, Croatia

Crystal clear waters, stunning scenery and endless coastlines – that is what you can expect from the Zadar archipelago. But where should you begin? This guide will help you to turn your dream about island hopping in Zadar into reality. Whether you’ve only got a couple of hours, a few days or a couple of … Read more Island Hopping from Zadar


Palagruža islands are the remotest Croatian islands located in the central Adriatic. The islands are much closer to the Italian than the Croatian mainland. The largest island of the archipelago is Vela Palagruža on about 52 nautical miles from Peljesac (95 km), 34 NM from Lastovo (Skrivena Luka)  and 28 NM from Italy (53 km). Other … Read more Palagruža

Island Hopping from Šibenik

Want to experience the best of Šibenik’s islands? Then I reckon an island hopping trip from Šibenik is just the thing for you. Whether you’ve only got a couple of days or a couple of weeks, it’s well worth taking the time to explore a few islands and discover the unique character of each. The … Read more Island Hopping from Šibenik

Island Hopping from Pula

Map of Island Hopping from Pula to Zadar

Pula is a fantastic place to organise an island hopping trip from. The airport is here, the main bus and ferry hub too. This is a great choice for island hop in the area especially if you also intend to visit Venice (just over 3 hours by ferry from Pula), that has excellent connections from … Read more Island Hopping from Pula

Map of Croatian Islands

Above map: Detailed Croatian islands map with the main 63 Croatian islands Map Dimensions: 2500 × 2114 pixels. Feel free to download it for your reference.  See other Maps of Croatian Islands