Kolocep Island Map

Map of Kolocep walking/hiking trails, bays, beaches and swimming spots This Map of Kolocep island, Elafiti archipelago near Dubrovnik shows details of walking & hiking trails, location of numerous bays and swimming spots including the highest peak on the island – Kriz (125m), location of popular Blue Cave, Bezdanj, Ratac, Uvala Bige and Sapluni bay … Read more Kolocep Island Map


Kolocep Island, called by locals ‘Kalamota’ belongs to Elafiti Archipelago, the group of Dubrovnik’s islands. The nearest to Dubrovnik, the island is located just 5 km away from Gruz, the Dubrovnik’s main ferry port. This is also the smallest of the three inhabited islands in the archipelago with an area of just 2.6 sq km (1.1 sq … Read more Koločep

Elafiti Islands

Elafiti archipelago, (also known as Elphite or Elaphiti) is a group of 14 Croatian islands and islets dotted off the coast of Dubrovnik. The archipelago is also called the ‘Dubrovnik’s islands‘ as historically, they all belonged to Ragusa, the Dubrovnik Republic. Just three of the larger islands are permanently inhabited: Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep. Well … Read more Elafiti Islands