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Beaches on Lastovo

Located just 7 nautical miles south of Brna bay on Korcula island, Lastovo is one of the remotest and most unspoiled Croatian islands that is also a protected Nature Park. The island’s archipelago which covers an area of about 54 square km consists of 46 small islands and islets. The population of the island is about 850 permanent inhabitants. The largest place on the island is also named Lastovo, where most of the island’s inhabitants permanently live. Initially settled by Illyrians the island later become part of Dubrovnik‘s republic Ragusa. In the 19th century was ruled by Austria-Hungary, later by Italy and finally became part of Croatia. The whole archipelago was for 50 odd years closed to foreigners and finally opened in 1989 for visitors from any corner of the world.

Best Beaches on Lastovo island

Here is a list of my top 5 favourite Lastovo beaches:


The nearest swimming spot to Lastovo village, Mihajla beach is located just about 20 minutes downhill walk (and 30+ minutes uphill walk back 😉 ) from the Lastovo village. This very popular swimming spot is easily accessible by foot (or by bicycle) and is also very popular among locals and visitors of the area.
There is a nice cafe – a beach bar in the bay where you can enjoy refreshing hot or cold drinks, snacks and ice creams. The beach bar is open until late in the evening making this bay and beach the ideal spot to watch the sunsets. The bay has some facilities that include showers, toilets and a sandy beach volleyball court. (Location: 42°46’17.7″N 16°53’44.7″E)


Situated on the northern coast of the island, just about 4 km from Lastovo village, it takes about 30 minutes to walk to reach this beach. This is one of the island’s hidden spots that feature a small shingle beach and fantastic views. The waters here are crystal clear and a small jetty is suitable for sunbathing and jumping into the sea. Several old stone cottages are nested in this narrow bay with some small boat mooring in front of them. There is no natural shade in the bay whatsoever so make sure you take a parasol or beach shelter with you. There is no public transport here, accessible by foot, bike or boat only. (Location: 42°46’08.5″N 16°55’42.2″E)


Barje swimming spot is neighbouring to Zace, situated on the same stretch of the north-eastern coast. A really tiny beach on about 40 minutes (7.5km) walking distance from Lastovo village. A hidden place, suitable for nudists, features nice views over Lastovnjaci and Saplun island. Unpolluted crystal clear waters and large slabs are great for jumping and sunbathing. Fantastic snorkeling spot too. There is no public transport here, accessible by foot, bike or boat only. If you drive, park your car at the end of the asphalted road and then walk for a hundred meters to the beach. No immediate natural shade, parasols and beach shelter is essential. (Location: 42°45’43.1″N 16°56’13.2″E)


Situated on the southern shores of the Island,  Uska is a very narrow bay about 15 minutes walk from Skrivena Luka (Potorus) this peaceful bay is a fantastic swimming spot. Suitable for naturists, nudists as well as nature lovers, Uska features a stretch of pebbles in the top corner of the bay. Popular with visitors of the nearby camping site seeking some peace and quiet, Uska can be a great place to spend a day swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing.  There is no public transport here, accessible by foot or boat only. (Location: 42°44’15.0″N 16°52’46.0″E)


Saplun is an island situated about a 1/2 hr slow boat ride (4.5 nautical miles from Zaklopatica) from Lastovo (see its location on the map). It is a part of the Lastovnjaci archipelago and very popular day trip beach spot among the locals as well as visitors to the island (see below video). Abundant with pine trees, this is a great place to spend a day even in the hottest periods as plenty of shade is available on this small island. Large parts of the sea bottom around the island are covered in sand so it is considered a ‘sandy beach’ which is actually not completely true as there are no sands whatsoever on the island’s shores, just on the sea bottom. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic beach, completely unspoiled and somehow pretty wild and one of my favourite snorkeling spots. There are no facilities here so you have to bring everything you need- food, water, shelter etc). To reach Saplun, you either get there by your own boat or get a water taxi from Lastovo – from Skrivena, Zaklopatica or Pasadur. (Location:42°46’46.1″N 16°59’10.6″E)

Map of Lastovo Beaches:

See the island’s location on a large map & best beaches on Mljet island

Getting to Lastovo:

From Split: The island is conveniently connected by daily ferry and fast catamaran services from Split via Hvar and Vela Luka all year round. From Dubrovnik: It is also connected daily by fast catamaran ferries from Korčula town, Mljet and Dubrovnik.

Find all details of public transport to the island and on the island on croatiaferries.com and lastovotravel.com websites. Organized private tours from Hvar, Dubrovnik and Korcula are also available – check here

Final thoughts: This is a completely subjective selection of the best swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling spots on Lastovo. I can not guarantee that you will agree with me so let me know what you think about my selection in the comments below.