Zadar to Plitvice Lakes

Getting from Zadar to Plitvice Lakes National Park includes a couple of options only – you can get there by bus, taxi, Uber, or private transfer. There are no direct flights or train connections between these two places. Zadar Airport is the nearest airport to this lovely national park. How far is Zadar from Plitvice Lakes National … Read more Zadar to Plitvice Lakes

Zadar Airport

Zadar Airport (ZAD) is a small and busy airport in Croatia. Also known as Airport Zemunik, it is situated 8.5 km east of Zadar, in a small place called Zemunik Donji. The airport offers a spacious passenger terminal with good passenger facilities. Distance from Zadar airport to some popular places Place Nearest Distance by Bus Driving time … Read more Zadar Airport

Island Hopping from Zadar

Map of island hopping from Zadar, Croatia

Crystal clear waters, stunning scenery and endless coastlines – that is what you can expect from the Zadar archipelago. But where should you begin? This guide will help you to turn your dream about island hopping in Zadar into reality. Whether you’ve only got a couple of hours, a few days or a couple of … Read more Island Hopping from Zadar

Island Hopping from Pula

Map of Island Hopping from Pula to Zadar

Pula is a fantastic place to organise an island hopping trip from. The airport is here, the main bus and ferry hub too. This is a great choice for island hop in the area especially if you also intend to visit Venice (just over 3 hours by ferry from Pula), that has excellent connections from … Read more Island Hopping from Pula