Split to Brač

Getting from Split to Brač Island involves at least 6 options – you can get there by passenger ferry, car ferry, bus & ferry, water taxi, or private transfer. The nearest distance between Split and Brac island is just over 12 kilometers (7.5 nm). There are no flights between the two places and no train connections. Here are all the details: How to get from … Read more Split to Brač

Valbiska to Merag

Valbiska to Merag is a popular car ferry crossing that serves primarily passengers traveling by car, motorcycle, or bicycle from the mainland via Krk island to the island of Cres and further to Losinj island. This ferry line (locally known as route 332) is very convenient as Krk Island is connected by a bridge with … Read more Valbiska to Merag

Island Hopping from Split

Island Hopping from Split is a very good choice. Split is a convenient transportation hub for the whole area (the airport is nearby, ferries are there, buses too) so the town is a very good starting point for island-hop to all islands in the archipelago including Dubrovnik too.This article covers a selection of options for … Read more Island Hopping from Split

Dubrovnik to Vis & Vis to Dubrovnik

Getting from Dubrovnik to Vis Island or Vis to Dubrovnik involves several options – you can get there by passenger ferry, car ferry, bus & ferry, or private transfer. The total distance between Dubrovnik and Vis Island is just under 160 kilometers. There are no flights between the two places and no train connections. Here are … Read more Dubrovnik to Vis & Vis to Dubrovnik

Getting around Croatia

Croatia is a fairly small country that features over 1700 km of coastline and hundreds of islands. Getting around Croatia is fairly straightforward if you plan your transport in advance. The transport options include flying, driving, bus, ferry, taxi, uber and private transfers. Here is what is available: Public Transport Croatia has a very good … Read more Getting around Croatia