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Dubrovnik Airport

Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) is a busy airport in Croatia. Also known as Airport Cilipi or Zračna luka Dubrovnik, it is situated 20 km east of the Old Town and city center, in a small place called Cilipi in the Konavle area. The airport offers a spacious passenger terminal with a variety of passenger facilities.

Departures and arrival at the airport
Above photo: Departures and arrival at the airport

GPS Coordinates: 42°33’37.3″N 18°15’40.5″E

Distance from Dubrovnik airport to some popular places

PlaceNearest Distanceby BusDriving time
to the Dubrovnik city center, ferry port & train stationto the Dubrovnik city center, ferry port & train station20 minutes20 min
to Split250 km3 + hours3 hours
to Plitvice Lakes430 km6 hours4 hrs 30 min


Parking at the Airport
Above photo: Parking at the Airport

Airport Parking – Where to park a car at Dubrovnik airport?

The airport car park, situated just next to the airport’s main passenger terminal, has just under 200 parking spaces. Here are the current parking prices:

Parking TimeParking Prices
1 hour1.50 Euro (first 15 minutes are free)
2 hours2.60 Euro
3 hours4.10 Euro
additional hour1.5 Euro

Please check out the full list of parking prices at Dubrovnik Airports’ web

Alternative parking options: You can park your car in the surrounding area in Mocici/Cilipi for free. From there, take a bus or taxi to get back to the airport.

Above photo: Night Flight to Dubrovnik – views over Old Town

Petrol Stations

Nearest petrol station’s GPS coordinates:

  • 42.5592, 18.2631
  • 42.6242, 18.1888

Free WIFI & Internet Connection

Is there a Wi-Fi service at the airport? Yes, there is free WIFI & internet connection.

The Wi-Fi service at the Dubrovnik airport is offered by a Free WiFi internet company. You connect to the “Dubrovnik Airport (free)” network. Register by email. The connection is fast, requires no codes, and allows users to register multiple devices. Currently, 15 minutes of free WIFI is applied. In the business lounge, the WiFi is complimentary.

Mobile charging

Numerous USB and electric sockets are spread around the airport.

Online Check In

Online check-in is here


The live departure listing is here

Airport Map

Address: Dubrovnik Airport, Čilipi, Mocici, Konavle, 20213, Čilipi, Croatia (map)
Telephone: +385 20 773 100
IATA code: DBV
Web: airport-dubrovnik.hr

FAQ: Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Dubrovnik airport

How many airport terminals are at Dubrovnik Airport?

There is now a 1 small-size passenger terminal.

Where are the information points at the Dubrovnik airport?

If you have any questions before your departure and even before you get to the airport, do not hesitate to contact this general information service by phone or email:

Where can I make inquiries about my lost luggage?

The Lost and Found office that the airlines provide for passengers is situated in the baggage reclaim zones.

  • Telephone: +385 20 773 328
  • Sita: DBVLLXH
    e-mail: lost-found@airport-dubrovnik.hr
  • The alternative is to use the lost luggage service of your airline (look for Handling Airline Name)

Can you smoke at Dubrovnik Airport?

You are only permitted to smoke in the building, after check-in, or after your arrival. There is one smoking room at Dubrovnik Airport, after check-in and the security, you’ll find a smoking room on the first floor, just above the main waiting lounge. In this area, smoking is allowed.

Where to sleep at the airport?

If your flight leaves very early in the morning, the best option is to find a hotel or private room in and around the airport. Alternatively, the airport lounge is the only choice. There are no dedicated sleeping areas at the airport.

How early should I get to Dubrovnik airport?

The check-in counter is opened 2.5 hours prior to international and 1.5 hours prior to domestic flight departures (see How Early to Arrive at Dubrovnik Airport article)

Where can I exchange foreign currencies?

Currency exchange and ATM machines are located in the public halls of passenger terminals where you can exchange money.

Dubrovnik Airport Statistics

Here are some facts and figures about Dubrovnik Airport:

Total Number of Passengers 2016 – 2023 (in millions) – air traffic

2.9 million passengers used Dubrovnik Airport in 2019 which was the best year so far. In 2022, figures are showing a total of just over 1.3 million passengers. For 2023, the figure of 1.3 million includes January to July only.