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Getting from Zagreb to Split

Getting from Zagreb to Split involves several options – you can get there by bus, train, flight, taxi, Uber, or private transfer. There are direct flights between Zagreb and Split, and daily train connections but no ferry crossings. Here are all the details:

driving on motorway from Zagreb to Split
Above photo: driving on motorway from Zagreb to Split

How to get from Zagreb to Split?

The distance from Zagreb to Split is just over 400km. You can get there by bus, train, flight, taxi, Uber, or private transfer. There are direct flights and daily train connections.

by Bus

If you are traveling solo, traveling by bus is the cheapest option. Taxi, Uber, or private transfer are the fastest, most comfortable, however, the most expensive options.

Zagreb bus terminal to Split

Buses from Zagreb to Split bus station are pretty frequent, about once an hour, even more often. The one-way ticket cost is between 21 and 28 euros. The journey time is about 5 to 6 hours. Add €1.5 for every item of luggage you store in the hold.

Some Zagreb to Split buses stop at Plitvice Lakes, so if you wish you can break up your journey, with two buses, one from Zagreb to Plitvice and another from Plitvice to Split. This is a great idea if you have time to visit this lovely National Park.

GPS Locations of bus terminals

  • Zagreb bus terminal (Autobusni kolodvor Zagreb, Avenija Marina Držića 4, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia) GPS: 45.80339, 15.99310 – web: akz.hr
  • Split bus terminal (Autobusni kolodvor Split) GPS: 43.504092, 16.442906

On your way back, the bus from Split to Zagreb can be slowed down in motorway traffic. To avoid it, you take the longer service along the old main road that stops off at Plitvice (good if you plan to stop there).

arrival @ riva in Split, Croatia
Above photo: Split bus station is at the very waterfront

Driving (by Car)

driving Zagreb - Split
Above photo: driving on a motorway

With the shortest and fastest driving route, you can reach Split from Zagreb in 4 hours. The driving distance is 400 km via the A1 motorway. Croatian motorways have a toll system, so be prepared to pay about €27 between these two cities.

If you are not in a hurry, I suggest you take a scenic drive and visit Plitvice Lakes too. You will also have the opportunity to see some amazing landscapes, like this one below of Maslenica bridge:

Maslenica Bridge views from bus
Above photo: Maslenica Bridge views from a bus

Driving tip

If you are driving from Zagreb to Split in the warmer parts of the year, choose the morning drive instead of the afternoon one. You will avoid sunshine from getting straight into your eyes. For the Split to Zagreb drive, if you can, choose the afternoon when the sun has already gone to the southwest while you are heading in the opposite direction, towards the north. The drive can take slightly longer than the drive from Zagreb to Split, with traffic heavy coming into the capital at the end of a busy holiday weekend, say. Queues can also build up at toll stations.

by Train

Trains from Zagreb to Split take about six hours during the day, and eight hours overnight. A Zagreb to Split train ticket is around €30 but you can also pay a supplement for a couchette, with extra services laid on in high season. You will arrive at the very waterfront where the train station is located. For the return train journey, the Split to Zagreb train leaves in the early morning and late evening, with journey times of 6 and 8 hours.


lovely views from the plane
Above photo: Amazing views from the plain

For flights to Split from Zagreb, look at the Croatia Airlines website. It is a national carrier that has regular flights to Split from Zagreb and via Zagreb to Dubrovnik, Zadar, Rijeka, and Pula.

There are at least 3 flights a day with ticket prices from about 50 Euro one way. Flight time is 45 minutes max, sometimes even faster and views from the windows are just amazing!

Once you arrive at Split airport, see here how to get to the town center. For your return journey, see here how early to arrive at the airport.

Private Transfer, Taxi, or Uber

uber quote

Taxi or Uber rides will take you to your destination in about 4 hours. The current price quoted by Uber is about 490 euros. This is a good option if 3 or more people travel together, but for a single traveler, the cheapest option is a bus. Private transfers are available from both airports so check current offers.

Day trip

With a traveling time of 4 plus hours, the only option for a day trip is to get a flight in both directions. Check with Croatia Airlines, for day trip special offers.


In the above map, you can see the locations of both cities.

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